Friday, 24 May 2024

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The quality of their work is awesome and unmatched. The staff has been very supportive and helpful. The apartment is very spacious and affordable and we simply love our house and we wait to get back to our home after the daily hectic schedule. It is well connected with the city. The team was very friendly and we got the apartment in a clean and well finished way.
Mr. Ravi
Velpula Orchid / Flat No: 303 (Review 1)
Velpula has simply exceeded our expectations. It was very difficult to find an apartment in our budget. There were many options but the quality work of Velpula and the affordable cost made us finalise it instantly. We are very happy with our apartment as it is everything from being spacious to being well lit. It is close to all the major malls and business centres. Will recommend Velpula to my family and friends as well. Great team work!
Mr. Venkata Sudhakar
Velpula Orchid / Flat No: 006 (Review 1)

I am writing this to express my honest appreciation of Velpula. From the day I have called the team for the details, they have been very supportive and interactive, taking care of every detail. The finishing, the amenities, the location and the well planned floor layouts are just remarkable and worth an investment. They are undoubtedly very capable and are the best in terms of quality and service.
Mr. Vishnu
Velpula Aster / Flat No: 101 (Review 1)
Velpula team is quite prompt and proactive. The journey from the first enquiry call to the time we purchased our apartment, we have got constant support with clear and transparent dealings. They maintain high standards of construction and that reflects in their work. The whole transaction was smooth and we are now enjoying our days in our apartment.
Mr. Kashinath
Velpula Aster / Flat No: 201 (Review 1)

Velpula is the best. The team work with a positive attitude and this reflects in their work. Our purchase of a villa plot so well planned shows that. The response to our query was so prompt and the whole process of handing over has been smooth and without any unnecessary hassles. They have exceeded my expectations in every way.
Mr. Prakash
Velpula Iris / Flat No: 501 (Review 1)
I would strongly recommend Velpula to my friends and family as they have given me my dream home and have helped me throughout the process. They build quality and they deliver the best at such attractive price. The amenities that they provide you will make you book your flat with no more second thoughts. I am very happy with my decision to buy my flat from them.
Mr. Venkat Reddy
Velpula Iris / Flat No: 001, 002 (Review 1)